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Welcome to Melbourne Counselling Service & Psychotherapy

Melbourne Counselling provides holistic counselling services.  We offer an honest, caring, and confidential counselling and psychotherapy service, in comfortable and easily accessible rooms in Fairfield, Melbourne. For 4 years now Melbourne Counselling has been helping individuals and couples move toward a more full and meaningful existence. We have qualifications in a broad range of therapeutic modalities including transpersonal counselling, gestalt therapy, art therapy, experiential therapy and relationship counselling.



Why Counselling?

common refrain from our clients is, "I wish I had done this years ago!"  The fact is that counselling and psychotherapy can save us years of struggle, inauthentic living, and indecision.  Many people feel that it is difficult to reach out for help.  But as we often say to our clients, seeing a therapist does for the mind, heart, and soul what seeing a personal trainer does for the body.  

Your counselling session is a place in which you can stop and simply be yourself, "warts and all".  There is no judgment.  Simply the presence of someone who has experience in walking side by side with others as they explore and grapple with big questions.

Why Melbourne Counselling?

We work holistically.  And that means that we see most discontent and mental illness as stemming from unhelpful patterns of thought, feeling, being, or relating.  We see all aspects of the person as interrelated.  Simply put, this means that we recognize the ways in which your physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing are connected.  We understand how your physical health can effect your mental health, your spiritual health (sense of meaning) can effect your psychological and physical health, and so on.  What's more, we pride ourselves on being curious and open minded. 

What Now?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call on (03) 9023 6669 and have an obligation free chat.


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